New Introductions for 2017

Eiffel Charms™ Stemware Charms

BUBBLE™ Wine Bucket  BW-88

Spiral Stainless Steel Martini Picks  MP-1

Skull Charms
™ Stemware Charms

SLOPE Wine Bucket

                       AB-29-B                                                  AB-29-C  

LUX Party Tub  AB-35

HOPSY-TURVY Upside Down Beer Glass, 2 Pack  BG-2

Flavor Jar
         FI-45-B                 FI-45-W               FI-45-R

METALLA Stainless Steel Double Spoon Rest  M-955

Stainless Steel Legacy Martini Picks (Set/6)  MP-3

Stainless Steel Legacy Swizzle Sticks (Set/6)  SS-3

Wine 'n Dine Party Plate, Clear - SAN Polymer  PB-9-C

HONEY PLEASE Acrylic Honey Jar with Dripper  PL-44

Flip-Lid Appetizers On Ice™  SB-5

Condiment Bar On Ice™  SB-6

Veggie Sticks & Dip On Ice™, Set of 4  SD-4

Stay-Put No-Tip Stemware Tray  ST-20

PRIMA™ Acrylic Beverageware

AF-6 Flute  AF-8 Wine  AF-10 Martini         AF-13  APS         AF-12 Margarita                 AF-11  Martini

AF-14  14 oz.   AF-18  18 oz.                         AF-16  16 oz.     AF-22  22 oz.                     AF-20  Beer Mug       

AF-54  54 oz. Pitcher