INFUSE & CHILL™ Fruit Infusion Ice Molds, Set of 2

Category: Fruit Infusion™

Easy to prepare and use.. just fill with fresh cut fruit and water and place in freezer. Natural fruit Infusion takes time, so while freezing, the water-to-ice becomes naturally infused by the fruit. This infusion process is enhanced by the expanding water- to- ice applying gentle pressure on the fruit to release its deep flavor. Once frozen, the resulting icicle has already been highly pre-infused.

When ready to use, simply drop the icicle into your hydration bottle (needs 2” opening) or tall glass and fill. The icicle immediately starts to release its infused flavor so you will quickly have a delicious natural fruit infused cold beverage.  The icicles fresh fruit flavor will always be preserved while frozen, ready to enjoy at any time.  BPA Free Silicone.  Color Box

Item:  FI-8  Set of 2

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